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'Non-theatrical' public film screening refers to the screening of films anywhere outside of single-screen and multiplex theatres or an individual’s home.

It opens up a vast playing field for people interested in hosting film screenings in unusual spaces, and includes ticketed and non-ticketed public shows as well as private screenings in public places. Such shows require additional permissions from the copyright owners - which could be the filmmaker, production house, studio or their distribution representatives.

Lost The Plot offers non-theatrical film licensing services in a range of sectors across the country. We issue a Title-by-Title Single Screening License, which, subject to studio approval of your particular show, ensures a copyright compliant, hassle free movie screening at your chosen venue or event.

For more information please read our FAQ's

Please note: to secure film licenses, we require a minimum processing time of 1 month. Screenings can only be advertised once approved.


Lost The Plot is authorised to issue non-theatrical film-screening licenses in India by 6 major Hollywood studios. Our catalogue also includes a variety of locally made shorts, documentaries and independent films giving you access to 3000+ legally licensed movie titles.

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Outdoor Cinemas

Drive-in Cinemas

Camping Sites & Parks

Malls & Recreational Spaces

Cafes, Restaurants & Bars

Flea Markets & Festivals

Schools & Colleges

Corporate Campuses

Community & Co-Working Spaces

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