‘Non-theatrical public film screening’ refers to the screening of films anywhere outside of single-screen and multiplex theatres or an individual’s home.

It opens up a vast playing field for people interested in hosting film screenings in unusual spaces, and includes ticketed and non-ticketed public shows as well as private screenings in public places. Such shows require additional permissions from the copyright owners, which could be the filmmaker, production house, studio or their distribution representatives.

Lost The Plot offers non-theatrical film licensing services in a diverse range of sectors across the country. We issue a Title-by-Title Single Screening License, which, subject to studio approval of your particular show, ensures a copyright compliant, hassle free movie screening at your chosen venue or event.

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Lost The Plot is officially authorised to issue non-theatrical film-screening licenses in India from 6 major Hollywood studios. Our catalogue also includes a variety of locally made shorts, documentaries and independent films giving you access to more than 3000 legally licensed movie titles.



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