Founded by Nikita Naiknavare in 2013, Lost The Plot is India’s only dedicated non-theatrical film distributor and curator. We enable 100% licensed movie screenings in out of the box spaces, helping venues and brands craft unique interactive experiences that bring people together against the backdrop of great cinema.

Lost The Plot can provide access to a catalogue of 3000+ licensed films for screenings across India – a mix of Hollywood greats & Indian independent films. From bars and community spaces to camping sites, resorts, members’ clubs as well as educational and corporate campuses, we facilitate copyright compliant film screenings outside traditional theatres for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.


Since its inception in 2013, Lost The Plot has been at the forefront of ensuring movie buffs in India access to quality films in unique, inspired settings.

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A tribute to the gypsy culture of yesteryear, the Film Caravan Festival is our flagship event. We hit the road every alternate year, traveling to unique locations, bringing together curators and creators from the arts space.

The aim of the festival is to initiate meaningful public dialogue and community engagement centred on a specific theme. At each pit stop we hope to offer creators an opportunity to explore the theme through an artistic medium - be it films, music, theatre, poetry or multidisciplinary work, and give audiences a chance to participate in the conversation through workshops and interactive activities.

Stay tuned for the first traveling edition in 2020!



The biggest joys in life often come in small sizes. Reel Tiny Films is a night dedicated to screening the best of Indian and International short films. It is a platform for young, upcoming filmmakers to showcase their talent before a live audience, and for audiences to interact with creators in the flesh while discovering a fresh format for bite-sized stories.

Reel Tiny Films is in collaboration with the good people at Broken Tripod Films. For a chance to screen your film with us, get in touch.

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