There are movie critics, fans, experts and then there’s Bad Popcorn who is all of this and more. He’s our mascot who has a mind of his own, and a potent one at that. Crackling humour, quirky charm, undying love for films, unhinged opinions and uncanny wit – he’s a friend you’d love to have… if you can pardon his snarky ways, that is! While we’ve been bringing people together to watch films in exquisite settings, he’s gone rogue and rebelled by making a club of his own. In the end we’re committed to the same cause though – watching and talking great cinema. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?

Welcome to the Bad Popcorn Film Club – A community of film buffs of all kinds. Get ready to rave and rage over movies – the ones you loved and also the ones you wish you never watched. Express no-holds-barred opinions and bond with cinephiles just like you. Discover something new each day or enlighten others with your movie-smarts. Our Baddy is eager to meet you.